Monday, 14 December 2009

7 miles turned into 8.5!

On Saturday I decided that I would do 7 miles.

After faffing about and watching some rubbish on tv (I was secretly hoping it would snow and I wouldn't be able to go out) I grabbed my trainers and headed to the beach. Setting my ipod for to my "workout" setting I began to run. After a whole minute my I pod decided it didn't want to work anymore. Which I tried to use as an excuse to stop running, but it didn't work and I continued on.

After reaching my 7 mile marker I decided to keep going and ran until I got to Marsden Grotto and turned back. once back at my car I drove to the Grotto and realised I'd done 8.5 miles WOOO!!! :- )

FANTASTIC NEWS!! Nestle are going to go FAIR TRADE on their 4 finger kit kats! It's a good start.

ALSO great news is that 21 women have been saved by police from trafficking on the streets of London - one girl was seen on CCTV being sold outside Selfridges for £3000 to a brothel owner.

Read the full story here
So sad - but great news that these girls have been saved.

Please support STOP THE TRAFFIK and help raise awareness of this disguisting slavery.

Steph xx

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