Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Together we can do more :- )

Ok it sounds corny, but it's true! Together we can do more!
Many years ago (scary just how many)...but many years ago at college I met my friend Elaine. She has been so supportive of me that is has really made me smile. Elaine is running the London Marathon for the fanatsic charity the NSPCC and you can keep up with her quirky and fun blog here .
When my friends want to help, and raise awareness of trafficking - or any injustice in this world, it just makes things so beautiful. That your friends will stand by you, support and want to help you with what is on your heart - well it's just gorgeous. So thank you to Elaine, and to my other fab friends for being so supportive.

Now for a bit of honesty about my morning.

I had it all planned:

7.15 get up
7.35 arrive at beach
7.40 6x5 mins FAST! with 3min slow in between
8.40 leave beach feeling fresh!
9.00 steal bacon and eggs from my mum and dads house

This is what really happened
7.15 alarm went off - hit snooze
7.30 alarm went off - hit snooze
7.45 alarm went off - hit snooze
8.00 alarm went off - re-set alarm to 8.30
8.30 FINALLY got my lazy self out of bed

Not good at all.

However reading Elaines blog made me think I must stop thinking I can run a marathon by pressing the snooze button!

Soooo - tomorrow (the best plans always start tomorrow don't they?!) but tomorrow I will NOT press snooze and I will get up and get to the beach and do some running!


  1. Keep up the good work chick,, everyone proud of what you are doing for what you beleive in !!
    Maybe get rid of the snooze button ?? lol xxx

  2. Steph..... you need to join the strollers! Come on girl. Let me know if you want any help. Lesley xxxxxxx I don't mind! Can tell you all about how not to do a marathon...... :-)

  3. It made me smile that I made you smile Steph! x