Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Stop the Traffik was my first glance at human trafficking. It lit a spark within me, igniting a passion to use my voice for those who have no voice.
The more I research and delve into the depths of the sadness that is human trafficking, the more I feel a sense of loss alongside a ray of hope.
It is more disgusting and disturbing than you can imagine, and bigger than your mind could fathom.
Reading, thinking and meditating on the injustice of our world, of human trafficking, has made me cry a thousand tears. I have screamed out to God and wondered at the hate within the human heart that can allow and continue to feed this sadness.
I have pondered for hours, wondering what I could do to make a change. If just me, all on my own, could make a difference. Then my mum pointed me to this quote by Mother Teresa:
“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop”

And reading this helped me to realise that I can make a difference. Joined together with all the other drops that are campaigning, researching and rescuing, one drop joined with other drops can create quite a storm.
I wanted to write this to encourage others to make a difference too, and that no matter how small you think your efforts are, they are larger than you think.
Steph xx


  1. Well Done babe. Am very proud of oyu. Keep up the good work. You have the potential to make great changes in peoples lives.


  2. Excellent Steph,you will take this further than any british prime minister or american president cause you have the drive, fore sight and courage to go the extra mile plus you will have the backing of your friends and family. I admire you for the courage to stand and fight for those that are in danger. Proud to be your friend xx Angela

  3. Hi good for you in doing this. I am currently develoing an exhibition for m work on the same topic to try to raise some awareness about the plight of people who are trafficked and get people to look arounf them but also to be more aware about what they buy