Wednesday, 10 February 2010

It's been a while!

Well it's been a while since I've posted. Here are my excuses:

More snow
Even more snow


bad hamstring
calf muscle that wasn't happy

So those are my excuses :-) or rather :-(

BUT we are back on track HORRAY!!

I had felt that I was on a real good run (pun not intended) before Christmas. Then Christmas arrived and it all went wrong! Few weeks not running and it's amazing how quickly you lose the miles.

Then when I started again I pulled a muscle, then another one. Good job I have a lovely sports therapist as my husband :-) I'm not very good at being told what to do - not sure if that's a woman thing or just a awkward thing- maybe both. However I have been learning to listen - and have done my exercises and stretches and it would seem my lovely little muscles are happier.

Sooooo - I have been to the gym quite a bit and out for a couple of runs and so far so good. 6.5 miles yesterday at a good pace and it felt good to be back out. Except the last mile that I got caught in the snow/rain/hail. That was not so much fun. The drivers going past must have thought I was mad. I really wanted to stop them and tell them that when I left the house it was actually quite nice out! And no bad pain, just good "I know I've done some exercise" pain (I secretly love that pain!)

So we are back, hopefully back for good. I have my training plan on the fridge and as long as my legs don't decide they don't want to run - then in 101 days Edinburgh here we come!

Please keep sponsoring this fab cause. Donating money to this cause, however little, will ensure that women, children - and men, are saved from this modern day slavery.

Steph xx

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