Wednesday, 7 April 2010


oops! It would seem I'm better at actually getting out running than I am at writing this blog!
Which is a good thing I guess.

The training has been going really well the last few weeks. After another few weeks out because of calves that decided they didn't like running, I have finally been able to do about 3 weeks of training with no problems. yey!

I did 13.1 miles the other day in 2.08min - which is ok - but considering I used to be able to do that in 1.50min I can definitely tell I am not at the place I was 2 years ago! However I'm just happy that my calves managed it!

This week I'm aiming for a stronger 13.1 and then next week hopefully 15. I realise I am putting my miles up quicker than they recommend. (Whoever "they" are?) but with only 45 days to go I'm kind of running out of time!

Before Christmas when I began to train I would have liked to have seen myself run it in under 4 hours. Now I'm thinking maybe 5 or 5 and a half hours.

But I have to remember I'm not running it for my own personal gain. I'm running it as a way of raising money. A way of raising awareness.

When I was out this morning, oh my word what a gorgeous morning it was! I had my ipod on, but after the first song I turned it off just listening to the morning.

I started talking to God about random things, and then about Stop the Traffik. And I became so frustrated, sad and sickened by the way that one human can treat another human. What a love starved planet we live on. That if people could just love each other there....well then it wouldn't be a love starved planet would it. It would be a joyful, peaceful planet.

But to love another, well that might take sacrifice. And I know for myself that sometimes I want to hate instead of love. I want to do it my way instead of compromise - instead of love someone else. And on a global scale when people choose not to love and instead have it their own way - then you end up with what we have. A love-starved planet.

BUT! This week I have met some amazing people who have shown me complete sacrificial love and it has put a smile on my face and made me see the ray of hope that is alive today. Not to mention the Easter weekend which put a great big stamp of hope on our world - beautiful.

Why do I care about trafficking? Because I want to offer hope to those who don't feel they have any. I want to show people that even though there are those who don't love - there are those that do and that do care and who will go out of their way and make sacrifices to give hope to this love-starved planet. To the people working courageously to end trafficking, may God give you all you need to persevere, to continue to offer hope to those who urgently and desperately need it.



  1. Keep up the good work huni, so proud of you xxxx

  2. So impressed with what u are doing, shall be following your blog to see how u do. Totally impressed also with your attitude to making a difference in this love-starved planet. I often wonder why people have so much hate and anger in them. One of my dreams is to do a crop for my mam's fave charity, cancer connexions, but like I say it's just a dream so far, just thoughts but u are doing something real and positive so I take my hat off to you (imaginery hat salutes you lol)